Marc Wong

Marc Wong, Cellist for OC Cavatina String Quartet

Marc Wong (Cello) started playing cello at the age of 10 and has studied privately with teachers Andy Honea and Maggie Parkins (UCI). Having graduated from UCI in 2014, Marc continues to pursue music by teaching privately and performing with the string quartet. He has also performed with various chamber groups and the symphony at UCI.

Along with the cello, Marc also plays several other instruments including the guitar and bass guitar. He has some experience with percussion and even performed a piece on the marimba during high school. Marc is also a member of the post-rock band Glitch in which he plays the bass guitar.

Marc also received a bachelors degree in Computer Science from UCI, having double majored in it along with music. He currently works during the day as an SEO analyst at Convergent7 and aspires to become a full fledged web developer in the future.

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